What is “Monroe Doctrine”?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What is Monroe Doctrine?

Many a times much emphasis was laid down over the Monroe Doctrine before and during the period when the country ‘Cuba’ was undergoing critical crisis. The government of America disclosed that it had a right to keep European powers from trying to manage the affairs of countries in the Western Hemisphere.

President, James Monroe issued a statement called a ‘Monroe Doctrine’ relating to foreign policy. He delivered a message to congress in 1823, and part of it was devoted to foreign policy. Since then the foreign policy of United States is being monitored and formulated within the purview and parameters of this Monroe Doctrine. This statement consists of four main points as under :

  1. The American continents are not to be considered open to future colonization by any European powers.
  2. The European political system is different from that of America. Any attempt to extend the European system to the Western Hemisphere will be considered dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.
  3. The United States has never taken any part in the internal affairs of European nations, nor will it do so in the future.
  4. The United States will not interfere with any existing colonies or dependencies of European powers.

United States was not strong enough to enforce the Monroe Doctrine for many years. Nepoleon of France took the help of French troops to place Archduke Maximilian of Austria upon the Mexican throne. Theodore Roosevelt declared in 1904 that the United States could interfere in the affairs of Latin America in order to keep Europeans out. A large number of marines from United States were sent to different countries during the next twenty years in order to restore normalcy and protect and safeguard the interest and property of the citizens of United States.

Still today, United State, without interfering in the internal affairs of other American nations, tries to uphold the Monroe Doctrine. In short, Monroe Doctrine has become the basis the directives of foreign policy of United States.

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