What is Oceanography?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What is Oceanography?

Our earth has more water on its surface than land. The great oceans always fascinated man and he still has not been able to understand or discover everything about them. Oceanography is the study of all the sciences and branches connected with the ocean to help us understand its formation, the changes that take place in it, and all other things that happen to it.

Oceanographers study not only what happens on and around the sea, but also what is taking place inside and even down at the bottom of it. The plants and animals that live in the sea are of many types, and vary in size, number and behaviour. Some experts study only this aspect of oceans.

The depth of the ocean differs at different places. There are oceanographers who study this and how it affects other things and lives on earth. The bottom of the sea is made up of soft, oozy mud of limey skeletons of tiny sea animals. By studying the contents of these, many important facts can be discovered.

Ocean currents are also an important part of oceanography. The temperatures and the salt contents of the ocean are also studied by experts for various reasons.

The tides, the regular movements of the sea waters because of the positions and pulls of the moon and the sun, are also an important branch of oceanography. The sea coasts, the borderline where sea and land meet, is always affected directly when there are disturbances or changes inside the sea. There are mountains, volcanoes inside the sea. The levels of the land and water in some places has changed through millions of years. Indeed, oceans offer great scope for scientists to study them and understand more about the planet earth.

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