What is the Cause of Skunk’s Bad Smell?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What is the Cause of Skunk’s Bad Smell?

If there is one animal in the world which you would not like to be it is probably skunk. Yet it is friendly creature and makes a good pet. The reason for its being so unpopular is possibly its famous smell.

Why makes a skunk smell. The powerful scent glands which certain a bad smelling fluid. The skunk can send this fluid out with great accuracy.

These two glands are housed under the tail. A skunk aims at its enemy and shoots the liquid out in a spray. The spray can travel about 3 meters or a little more. The skunk may decide to send out spray from one or the other or both and each gland hold enough for five or six shots.

The spray is strong and has suffocating effect which means it makes it hard to breathe when you near it. The spray getting to eyes may cause temporary blindness.

The skunk “strikes” after warning. It raises its tail, stamps its feet, so that one has enough of time to run away. Skunks have been used for fur coats and are raised on fur farms the scent glands, for obvious reasons, sometimes are to move from the young skunk.

There are three types of skunks: the striped, the hog-nosed, and the spotted. They live in North, South and Central America. The striped skunk has a white line on the head from the nose to a point between the short ears, and another that starts on the neck, divides into two stripes on the back, and continues to the tail. From Canada to Mexico, the striped skunks live. The largest are eighty-centimeter-long including twenty centimeters for tail and weigh about fourteen kilograms.

The fore feet of skunks are armed with long claws, used for digging grubs and insects out of grounds. On spotting shallow holes in grounds, one can feel that the skunk has been feeding there.

Skunks are really a great help to man, since their food is mostly beetles, grasshoppers, rodents, snakes, wasps and crickets.

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