What is The Difference between a College and a University?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What is The Difference between a College and a University?

Today or tomorrow, you will have to be well prepared your-selves to get admission in a college or a university and then you will act as a judge to see the pros and cons of getting admission in one college rather than another. For this, you must know the difference between a college and a university.

According to National Education Association, a university can be well defined as follows; “an institution of higher education, having as a nucleus a college in which the so-called liberal arts are taught in a course of three or four years for a degree and in addition one or more departments for the learned professions, medicine, law or divinity”.

However, universally accepted difference between the two is that the university usually includes a number of colleges. Most of the institutions claim to be universities whereas they are not. It may be quite possible that some colleges are more like universities.

In fact, the word “college” stands for any society or union of persons engaged for attaining the common objective or empowered with rights to work for a common cause. It is so why the people who elect the Pope at Rome are called the “College of Cardinals”. That’s why in U.S.A. whosoever choose the President or Vice-President is called “electrol college”. In America, the word “College” usually means an institution attended after graduation from high school, which laid much emphasis on general training and ‘gives less importance to highly specialized or technical training.

A large number of “colleges” are there in United States, however, all these colleges do not fall under the category of “College”. Any institution that impart higher education having one faculty (specialized teachers) and offers a single course of study can be treated as ‘college’.

The main difference’ underlying between the two is that the university, inter alia, includes several special colleges or schools. Such types of special school impart education in the field of law, medicine, forestry etc. Sometimes students attend the college first, and thereafter they join a university for graduation.

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