What Tantamounts To Fuel?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What Tantamounts To Fuel?

Fuel is a material that is burned for the purposes of getting heat, light and also for generating power. This process of burning or combustion is nothing but merely a chemical reaction. In short, whenever a material combines with oxygen from the air, it gives off energy in the form of heat and light.

Originally, the energy in fuels come from the sun. It is worthy to note that the plants from which fuels come trap energy through the rays of the sun which enables them to build their tissues. Charcoal and burning wood release energy which is stored up by the plants in this manner. Furthermore, whenever we burn coal or oil, we use energy stored up by plants in the past.

It is very clear that fuels are of different types. In fact, anything that burns can safely be called a fuel. The most common and popular fuels are coal, wood, natural gas and gasoline.

Above all, fuels can safely be classified into different categories, namely, solid, liquid, gaseous etc. or alternatively they can be differentiated as regards to their origin – natural, chemical or metal based.

The first fuel which was ever used by man is the wood fuel. They have been continuously for many centuries. This was so because it was easily available in the market at reasonable level of price. Slowly and steadily there was acute shortage and paucity in sixteenth century, particularly, in Europe and hence they were left with no other alternative but to get it replaced by coal.

A very high degree of carbon is available in coal. Carbon is one of the most important constituents of different types of fuels. Fuels which contain high percentage of carbon, burn evenly with hot flame. In the case of Hard coal, since it contains higher percentage of carbon as compared to other types of coal hence it makes less amount of smoke and ash.

Another type of fuels which come from petroleum are commonly known as liquid fuels viz. kerosene, heating oils, gasoline etc.

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