What the reason of a pouch supported by the kangaroo?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What the reason of a pouch supported by the kangaroo?

The kangaroo is only one of the several animals that have a pouch. Animals that have a pouch are called “marsupials”. The pouch that is supported by a kangaroo is between her hind legs. It is snug and comfortable, a little home as a new-born baby can have. It is furlined, keep the baby warm, protects it, enables the baby to nurse, and provides transportation for the infant, that is helpless.

The reason that a pouch is provided by nature for kangaroos and other marsupials is that their young ones are born in a helpless state. The fact is, at the birth the kangaroos is a tiny, pink, naked mass, not much over an inch long and as stick as a lead pencil.

We can imagine what would happen if such a helpless thing did not get a resting place immediately, to keep it warm, snug and protected.

The new born baby is accepted by the mother in pouch and for six months next, this is the “home”. In six months the young, baby kangaroo is of the size of a puppy. The baby has good life in the touch. So, “The Joey” as is called in Australia, rides around inside the pouch with its heart protruding out far enough for it to pull the leaves, when the mother kangaroo stops to feed herself on tree branches. The fact is that even after learning from the mother to walk and run, the joey continues to live in the pouch. Sensing danger the mother hops over to the baby, picks it up in to her mouth without stopping and drops its safely into her pouch.

The kinds of kangaroos, are more than one hundred and twenty. The Wallaby, is the smallest and is only about sixty centimeters in I height. The biggest in the great red or grey kangaroo, and is about two meters tall.

 Kangaroos have short front legs with small paws, and very long with small paws, and very long hind legs with one large sharp toe in the middle of the foot. With the powerful hind legs a kangaroo jumps as high as three to five meters or even more. When the animal is resting, it rests, on its big long tail. Kangaroos can travel very fast and have a good hearing sense to hear an enemy at a considerable distance.

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