Which is The Biggest and Smallest Insect in The World?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

Which is The Biggest and Smallest Insect in The World?

In South America, some of the beetles grow more than 5, 1/2 inches in length, and one of the tropical stick shaped insect is seen to grow more than a foot in length. But the biggest and the heaviest insect on earth is the African Goliath beetle. This grows up to six inches long and weighs over 200 gms It has a deep red body, a black and white striped head, and a pair of black ‘horns’ a quarter inch long.

The ‘battledore-wing fairy fly’ – a kind of parasitic wasp, and the hairy- winged beetle are the smallest known insects – they are only 1/125 of an inch long smaller than some unicellular animals. You could put many of these on the head of a pin!

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