Who Was “Napoleon”?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

Who Was Napoleon?

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. At his early age, he appeared in the history of the world map. Contemporary to his regime nobody else was as great as Napoleon Bonaparte. At the age of sixteen, he completed his graduation from the Military academy situated in Paris. When he was young, he identified himself with great heroes of ancient history whom he read about.

He was hardly 24 years old when he got deserved promotion to the rank of brigadier general with a view to extend help in recapturing the city of Toulon which was previously occupied by British. Sooner or later with the help of trained army he was able to get tremendous victory over Austria and also won a war in Egypt.

During his regime he was able to reform the entire structure of government and also enacting the Code Napoleon which ultimately became the directives of the law of the e land in France. No doubt, Napoleon became the first ruler of France for years together.

During the short span of ten years of French empire under Napoleon, clouds of war were usually hovering every time and history confirms that there were continuously wars one after another. Sometime in 1804, Napoleon was proclaimed emperor of France. After this sort of glorious victory, he could enable himself to dominate Europe from Spain to the borders of U.S.S.R.

Now, he was determined to invade Russia with an army consisting of not less than six lakh men, with the help of armed forces he captured Moscow but unfortunately his army felt short of supplies as a result of which they had to retreat. It was estimated that out of six lakhs, only one lakh men could survive and come back home safe.

He was defeated several times in different wars and was ultimately put behind the bars and was sent into exile on the island of Elba. Thereafter, with his mastermind he escaped from Elba and started gathering a new army. But, he lost the battle of waterloo at the hands of allied forces.

Lastly, Napoleon was abducted and had to surrender before the British government. He was executed and imprisoned by the British and was sent to the barren island of St. Helena where he died on May 5, 1821. Although he was a great administrator of France and showed his greatness and power during his reign, yet he caused great sufferings to the masses as a whole to a large extent.

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