Why is A Four-Leaf Clover Lucky?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

Why is A Four-Leaf Clover Lucky?

By nature, it is the burning desire of a man to take every precautionary measure to safeguard and protect himself from unknown forces, or to create good fortune for, himself which has led numberless people under influence of superstitions all over the world. In short, we can divide superstitions into two different categories -one those that are supposed to bring good luck another that are believed to bring bad luck.

It is believed by the people throughout the world that four leaf clover is a sign of coming good future and happenings. It is very difficult or almost impossible to guess how or where it began. However, an old legend in this regard is very popular amongst the people. The legend is that Eve took a four – leaf clover with her when she was sent away from paradise. Since the clover was a bit of green from the Garden of Paradise, it became popular as a symbol of an omen of good luck and fortune if it is found in one’s own garden!

People are of the firm belief that horse-shoe is lucky. Of course, different countries have different legends or traditions with regard to horseshoe. The Irish are influenced by the superstition that the horseshoe has magical, power because the horse was in the stable where elitist was born. On the other hand, in U.S.S.R., the blacksmith is considered to be a king of magician and it is believed that he used the horseshoe as a charm while performing his magic., Besides this, the ancient Romans believed that finding a cast-off horseshoe on the road also helps oneself in protecting from sickness. This is, merely because of the fact that iron at one times was considered to be a good luck charm.

Now, come to bad-luck omens. One of the oldest legends is the fear of a black cat. Previously, people, believed in witches, it was presumed that witches and evil spirits took the form of the black cat. Now-a-days, many people still avoid and feel uneasy to see a black cat across the road.

Long back, the broken mirror was regarded as another bad luck superstition which was very much prevalent and inculcated in the minds of the people. If a mirror was broken accidentally, it tantamounts to unpleasant happenings in the near future.

According to Romans, the health of a person gets changed after a gap of every seven years. They believed that the mirror reflected one’s health and breaking of a mirror indicates that the health of a person concerned would be broken for another seven years to come.

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