“Why is The Sky Blue?”, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

Why is The Sky Blue?

The sky is simply air a covering of air around the earth. The sky gets its colour because of the sunlight. Air and the space outside atmosphere don’t have any colour. But sunlight contains all the colours of the rainbow in it. When the sunlight passes through air, these colours are scattered. The blue colour is scattered most. On a clear day, the molecules of gas in the air also make the blue colour scatter. It is reflected into our eyes from all parts of the sky and so the sky looks blue to us.

But at sunrise or sunset, the sun light comes to us through the hot, dusty, smoky air close to the ground. The smoke and dust make the other colours, especially red and yellow, scatter more. Then the sky looks red or yellow and the sun seems a big orange ball.

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